Quality Sound Off Road

Here at Tunes-N-Tint we take great pride in providing quality audio systems that can withstand whatever nature may throw their way. SxS and ATV riding can get pretty rough and rugged sometimes! We design your personalized Power Sports audio system to withstand any rigorous outdoor adventure. Our systems are designed to pull the least battery power possible, yet still maintain maximum, quality sound. Stop in today for a  one-on-one consultation with one of our installation certified experts.

We’ve got SxS and ATV Experience!

Our industry certified technicians have hands-on experience with a vast array of SxS and ATV vehicles. From golf carts, to Gators, even RV’s and motorcycles, we’ve seen it all come through our doors! We understand that each SxS and ATV, and their owners, are unique and therefore we approach each and every job with your specific needs in mind.  We love SxS and ATV work, no job is too big! Here’s a sample of some of the more common jobs we receive:


  • Arctic Cat Prowler and Wild Cat
  • Can-Am Commander and Maverick
  • Honda Pioneer and Big Red
  • John Deere Gator Series Vehicles
  • Kawasaki Teryx, Teryx 4 and Mule
  • Polaris Ace, Razr and Ranger
  • Yamaha Rhino and Viking

What’s an IPX Rating? Why is it Important?

IPX ratings refer to the water intrusion resistance of the product. A high IPX rating reflects a high tolerance to water intrusion, in turn, a low IPX rating indicates a low resistance to water intrusion. For Power Sports audio systems, we suggest using products with an IPX rating no lower than 5. An IPX-5 rating would be described as:

“An IPX-5 rating indicates the device is protected against water intrusion from a test where water jets are projected at all angles from a distance of 3 meters through a 6.3mm nozzle at a flow rate of 12.5 liters per minute and at a pressure of 30kN/m2 for a period of 3 minutes. This simulates fairly robust water splashing and exposure.”

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Battery life is a big concern with SxS and ATV vehicles. The best ways to help maintain the battery life of your off-road vehicle when installing an audio system is to ensure efficient amplifiers are used. Our audio system designers work diligently to ensure amplifiers will run at maximum efficiency. This helps to increase the play time of the sound system, while still operating at the optimum current draw levels for the unit.”

Keep the Party Going

Want to keep enjoying the tunes even after ride time is over? A secondary battery power system enables you to keep the tunes pumping without compromising your main battery’s power level. Enjoy hours of audio play time on a totally independent battery system. Our technicians can help create the most efficient audio battery system for your Power Sports vehicle.

Perfect Speakers, Perfect Sound

An audio system would be useless without the speakers to project the sound! Tunes-N-Tint always recommends speakers that are equipped to handle the unique obstacles SxS and ATV audio systems are presented with. Along with being able to operate in less-than ideal conditions, including mud, rain, sand, and more; SxS and ATV speakers must also be able to project crisp, clear sound in an open-air environment and over loud engine noises. Our industry certified technicians are able to create amazing Power Sports audio systems by utilizing optimal speaker placement and using the most efficient speakers for each specific audio system.

Play Your Way

Control your audio system however you choose! Let us install an aftermarket stereo system or other AUX input to control your tunes. We can offer solutions for almost any device including iPod’s, MP3’s, smartphones, tablets, and we can even provide wireless Bluetooth connections. Control the sound directly from your smartphone or tablet without ever leaving your seat around the campsite! Talk with one of our experts today to decide on the best solution for your needs.

Light Up the Night

Additional lighting not only enhances visual appeal of an ATV or SxS vehicle, but it also contributes to safety when riding in the evenings or in the early morning hours when visibility may be low. Tunes-N-Tint offers a variety of Power Sports lighting options including LED lights, halogen lighting, and others. Come by or call today for more details.

Come See the Experts

Tunes-N-Tint is proud to serve all of central Florida. We have two locations in Lakeland, situated right between Tampa and Orlando for your convenience. Our technicians are some of the best industry certified techs in the business. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and quality Power Sports audio systems. Let us create a personalized Power Sports audio sound system solution for your off-road vehicle today!